Nikki Furse (spytarwebb) wrote in dailymanics,
Nikki Furse

Bah, hope someone responds to this

I know I'm a bit er... late, but as we all know, the Richey Edwards gallery has been deleted because the owner of the journals decided to delete her journals. Well, I have decided to make a new scrapbook gallery on here; I'm already in the process of gathering pictures and putting them in order. I even have a few friends sending me zip files of what they already have.

Down below a few posts, there's links to images. I would like to use them, but I don't want to go ahead and post them without having consent especially if some are scans; I would like to give credit for anything like that and give a separate album.

But yeah, is anyone else willing to help and send me pictures? You can send me a PM or I'll give you my email address, either or is fine, it'll just be appreciated if some more people want to help gather pictures and whatnot. Thanks.
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